Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wouldn't You Really Rather Have A Buick?: 1977 Buick Regal Coupe

Details are scant on this listing, and the picture is poor-quality, but if the mechanicals, body, top and interior are any good, here is a great beginner's classic, vintage daily driver or lowrider fodder. The car has a Chevy 350 V8, rebuilt transmission & carburetor and is said to run great.

The A-Special and Colonnade body GM midsize cars from 1973-77 are only now starting to be recognized as classics, and are a great alternative to a modern or semi-modern sedan (Taurus, Camry, Avalon, Passat, Intrepid, Sonata, etc.) for a daily driver if you can put up with rear-wheel-drive, fewer creature comforts, somewhat worse spare-parts availability and lower fuel mileage.

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