Thursday, April 18, 2013

Please Save Me: 1955-56 Powell Sport Wagon Pickup Truck

The Powell Sport Wagon was one of the most unusual post-WWII independent-make American vehicles. The use of remanufactured 1940-41 Plymouth car chassis, Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler Industrial or war-surplus Dodge military flathead six engines and parts-bin sourcing elsewhere was odd, but made for a very serviceable, dependable and inexpensive to build light truck. 

This truck looks to have lots of surface rust, quite a bit of denting, missing glass and most trim missing, but all the Powell-specific bits other than the front badge and grille bar supports are there, and all the missing Powell-specific stuff can be gotten or helped with through the Powell Registry, which the buyer of this truck should join. Some items are off-the-shelf pieces like 1942-47 Ford truck headlight rings, utility trailer lighting for taillights & turn signals, 1950 Ford 4-door sedan rear-door trim strips for the grille bar chrome, 1940-41 Plymouth or Kaiser Henry-J steering wheels and 1940-41 Plymouth instruments, eBay will be the best place to find those. Using auto parts store-derived license plate mounting & lighting pieces will not be frowned upon, and in fact may well be accurate.

This Powell has no title, but will legally have to be sold on a bill of sale, so either a lost-title application with the Missouri DMV, or going through Broadway Title are your best ways to get a title.

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