Monday, April 1, 2013

German Jolly: 1957 Volkswagen Beetle Beach Cruiser

This 1957 Volkswagen Beetle is a custom job supposedly done "many years ago"; while the Fiat Jolly and Renault 4CV Jolly are not mentioned in the ad, they appear to be a definite inspiration for this car, and this would more than satisfy any desires for a fun oddball summer car among staff of this site.

It has no rust, a good top and interior, a desirable period aftermarket petrol gauge that replaces the stock fuel reserve, everything is functional, and the 40-horsepower flat-four (with later Karmann Ghia air cleaner) and the transmission shifts smoothly. If it is as described and built well, this car is a great deal at $4500, which would not even get you in the front door for a rusty or incomplete Jolly project, and unlike a Jolly, is not so rare and valuable that it couldn't be used regularly. The availability of VW parts and service also makes it a desirable Jolly alternative, and the rear seat space, full wheelbase and roadability make it a great alternative to a fiberglass street buggy.

Find it here for $4500 in Grants Pass, Oregon

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