Thursday, February 28, 2013

Parking Lot Sighting: Toyota J70 Land Cruiser

I know very little about the international incarnations of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Readers outside the United States will probably be amused that I got excited over an old Land Cruiser, but we Americans never got the 70 Series. To me the Land Cruiser has always been either the little FJ40 or the large four-door SUV that hardly anyone in this country bought - and which becomes increasingly rare every year as fewer people buy new ones or save the old ones.
The 70 Series Land Cruiser was introduced in 1984 and is still being made. That makes it a good candidate for importation into the States as early examples are old enough to comply with the 25 year rule and new parts are still available. I don't know the year of this truck, as the plate is not in California smog records - either making it a recent registration or a diesel engine. My best guess it it's an HJ75 "Troop Carrier" van made in the mid-1980s. The wheels look like they came off of a mid-2000s Toyota Sequoia SUV.
It's an interesting rig for sure, certainly not something I expected to see at a home improvement store in Northern California.

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