Friday, January 4, 2013

Malaise Era Mopar: 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco

Those who know our authors' tastes will know that we love Malaise Era cars, and I am a Blues Brothers fan who grew up around a friend of the family's 1975 Dodge Coronet four-door, so I had to post this Monaco. It is a 1976 Royal Monaco with the police speedometer installed but not working (proper wiring included), already has steel wheels, and with the proper paint scheme, vinyl top, hubcap and extra chrome delete, a pushbar made, the woodgrain trim painted to match the interior, regular Monaco badges, and an 8-track stereo installation (check eBay before buying at a wrecking yard or thrift store), this is an excellent Bluesmobile clone project, or just have the dash wiring installed by a specialist, put the rear-view mirror back up and drive as-is.

Those who are interested in building a Bluesmobile have all the reference they need and more here at the Blues Brothers Central Bluesmobile forum, and you can find the car here in Oregon for $1500(or go here if ad disappears)

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  1. Hi, the forums at Blues Brothers Central have basically gone inactive. We have a new forum dedicated to the Bluesmobile and we have been commenting on this Royal Monaco since April 2012. Here's a direct link to our thread about this car ...



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