Saturday, January 5, 2013

High-Class Horsecollar: 1959 Edsel Corsair Sedan

I am a complete sucker for the Edsel. Someone has to love them and I count myself as one of those people. This is a gorgeous green '59 Corsair 4-door sedan. Corsair was Edsel's larger and more luxurious model line and these cars are very rare today. Only 44,891 Edsels were built in 1959, of which only 3,301 were Corsair 4-door sedans. Notably absent on this car is the troublesome Teletouch automatic, which shifted the transmission through push buttons on the steering wheel hub. Due to cost-cutting - and probably customers complaining of putting the car in the wrong gear while trying to honk the horn - Teletouch was dropped after 1958. The interior isn't perfect, nor is the exterior, but this is a very clean car for its age.

Are you an Edsel fan too or does the "Oldsmobile sucking a lemon" grille leave you sour? Find it here in the San Francisco area for $8000 or go here if the ad expires.

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