Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oregon Rust Farm: July 4, 2013

A sight more typical of Central California or perhaps the Great Plains, rusty tin shed with interesting stuff surrounding. I navigated a sharp rusty gate and nearly meter-deep drainage ditch to get to this place, whilst wearing Crocs and gym shorts.

Early travel trailer in ratty but restorable condition.

Rusty trailer side. Rust issues with similar trailers to this one in the early postwar era led to aluminum and wood construction, or pure aluminum aircraft-style construction in the cases of Airstream, Boles Aero, Avion, Streamline and Silver Streak.
50s Chevy tanker truck

Old workhorses left to rust away. 1940s/50s Hyster bulldozer and 1960s/70s International Loadstar flatbed.

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