Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shitbox Saturday: Show & Shine X-Car Engine Blow Edition

This 1983-84 Pontiac Phoenix, seen at the 2013 Bethel Boosters Show & Shine in Eugene, Oregon as an engine blow contest car, is a spectacularly bad car, albeit a rare one, since any Phoenix is rare in the first place, but a late notchback SE with a 4-speed, V6 and spoiler is scarce as hell. Sadly, this car's engine blew up on the afternoon of May 11, 2013 and will end up crushed by B&R Auto Wrecking of Eugene.

(an engine blow contest is an Oregon show & shine phenomenon started in the 70s, a junkyard employee from the yard that provided the car or a show marshal floors the accelerator on a car with petrol or diesel but no oil and coolant, after taking numbers for how long it'll take for the engine to blow up, person who guesses the correct time it takes for the engine to blow wins $50)

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