Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cobra Lite: Ford V8-Swapped 1966 Ghia Fiat 1500GT

For possibly less than the price of building a crappy replica of a Shelby Cobra 427S/C with no provenance and no weather protection or turning a Datsun Z-car into a Chevy V8-powered wannabe Ferrari 250GTO, you can have a real Italian exotic car with full weather protection, provision for effective air conditioning via bulkhead-mounted or "short pack"Vintage Air climate controls, American small-block V8 power and styling remarkably similar to that of a Cobra with a fastback (or the related AC Aceca), many parts available (stocked or special-order) from Bayless FiatC. Obert & Co. (Fiat Plus) and Re-Originals, and all the hard work has been done by the seller as far as the bodywork and conversion to a Ford 289 small-block, C4 automatic (can and should be swapped for a 4- or 5-speed manual) and 8-inch Ford rear axle go, but it needs some trim, all interior, all engine details, and general finishing work to finish.

Find it here in Denver, Colorado with no price listed.

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