Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Classic Ads: 1962 Chevrolet Genuine Parts

Isn't it annoying sometimes when something breaks on your car and you have to make a decision? Do you go to the nearest auto parts store and pick up whatever part is cheapest or make the drive to the dealership for a 'genuine' part? Obviously the manufacturer would prefer that you get their part, and in late 1961 General Motors made that fact known to the general public. Mind you, dealership technicians are not gifted with some magic talent. Most everyone has some kind of horror story about cheating dealerships and defective parts. My mom's Saturn Vue has a 3.5 liter Honda engine and we found that it's cheaper to buy Honda fluids because our local GM dealer buys the same things from the Honda dealer and marks up the price. It's also true that the auto parts store sometimes stocks inferior garbage made in third world countries. You have to be careful when you're shopping for parts. Cutting corners on steering or brake parts, not a good idea. Sometimes visiting the dealer's a necessity, especially if your car is only a year old when you crash into something and you can't get junkyard parts yet.
Keep your Chevy the Chevy-est, kids!

This ad appeared in the October 27, 1961 issue of Life magazine.

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