Thursday, March 21, 2013

Please Save Me: 1940 Pontiac Hearse Basketcase Project

This rare prewar professional car project (in as-purchased condition in pics, now disassembled and stored inside), needs a lot of tender loving care, but with the rarity of prewar, non-Cadillac/Packard funeral coaches and the availability of stock '40 Pontiac trim, wheels, bumpers, engine and transmission as cast-offs from rodders or through junkyards, it is definitely worth restoring. Its elegant lines and curves are even more compelling. The coach has no engine, transmission, front bumper and possibly other missing bits, but it would be a great project.

Find it here in Veneta, Oregon with "make offer" as price, and here are some great professional car forums for the prospective buyer-restorer of this beautiful machine.

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