Friday, March 22, 2013

British Oddball: 1958 Ford Thames Forward-Control 15cwt Minibus Project

This rare cousin of the American Econoline has been hacked up, but it appears rust-free and would make a good project van for a Euro Ford or British car enthusiast. But the paint job, Malaise Era Chevy truck side mirrors, spare tire mount and wheels have to go regardless. Has no title, but a bill of sale at the DMV outside of California, a lost title search, or going through Broadway Title would rectify that.


  1. looks like could be a worthwhile project, if completed what could this scooby doo van, $5-7k???
    or much better yet , cruising the strip because this could be a real head turner, Hmmmmm

    gears turning , This link leads nowhere,darn...............

  2. my address


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