Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Street Spot: 2008 Hazen XP-HUMM-E

Here is an oddball EV built by Eugene, Oregon resident David Hazen, spotted in the wild on the streets of downtown Eugene. With a handmade wooden body, Kawasaki rear suspension, VW front suspension and a Saab 900 windshield, it is certainly an odd marriage of bits, and its open T-topped design is not too practical for Oregon's damp climate, but it is definitely remarkable. EVs are the future, and this is THE most unique EV I have ever seen.

Here is a video of the builder showing off his creation.


  1. Chris, thanks for posting! In the winter, if I plan my trips between showers, or even if I just have to go out in the wind and the rain, a rain-suit is required surprisingly infrequently. When I'm moving, the rain mostly goes over my head, and I stay quite dry. Only when I'm stopped does it come straight down on me. I have doors that were part of the original body, and they have proven to be difficult to re-fit into the exact places from which they were cut, so I'm thinking about using clear vinyl and velcro to make a removable covering, at least over the top.

  2. You are welcome, David! Sounds like you worked the design out just right, I have heard similar things from Doran owners regarding rain.

    Best of luck with the car's evolution.


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