Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to Insomniac Garage!

Hello, my name is Chris Garza, and welcome to Insomniac Garage! My good friend and partner in this blog, Colin Dayton Stacy, will be on board soon. Some car blog fans may know him from his blog, The Automotive Way, others may know him from the Swifty's Garage diecast car site. 

Our blog features all worthy aspects of the car enthusiast lifestyle, including but not limited to the following:

Reviews of diecast model cars and full-scale cars, old & new alike.
Artistic photography of car-related subjects (including abandoned dealers, racetracks & gas stations)
Writeups of cars posted for sale elsewhere on the internet. 
Writeups of collectible recreational vehicles and trucks
Video content of cars or related subjects
Photo shoots of car shows
Mentions of controversial subjects related to cars (hooning, scrappage, carfree movement, import laws etc.) 
Anything else conceivable and "PG-13 rated" that is related to car lifestyle

We hope you enjoy this site, please share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and please tell your car-loving friends about Insomniac Garage!

And finally: While we love hooning, we are not responsible for any death, injury, damage or criminal charges that result from readers who were being unresponsible while hooning.

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