Monday, January 21, 2013

Forbidden Fruit: 1965 Piaggio Ape Project in Canada

The Piaggio Ape (pronounced ah-pay), made by the company most famous for the Vespa scooter, is not well-known in North America, but is ubiquitous in the Mediterranean and the Third World as an inexpensive working vehicle. This Ape has an unknown streamliner cargo bed and has been stored for many years, but is a great project, and can be imported to the US easily. Parts may be tricky (as with many other interesting vehicles), but eBay is a great source, and this enthusiast website is a great source of info on these interesting microtrucks. 

An advantage that the Ape has over a kei truck is that in places where all kei trucks regardless of model year are illegal, the Ape isn't, since it is legally considered a motorcycle. Most states also do not require a motorcycle endorsement for three-wheelers. 

Daihatsu Midget fans in states that say no to kei trucks, the Piaggio Ape (especially in closed-cab form) is for you!

Find it here for $1000 CDN in Coquitlam, British Columbia (or go here if ad disappears)

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