Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Photography Feature: Light-Painted Night Photography-style Digital Darkroom Work by Chris Garza

Periodically I will be adding posts dedicated to my car photography, especially where junkyard cars are concerned. These photos were all taken in 2012 at Springfield Auto Recycling in Springfield, Oregon, and edited in Picasa, and Preview, Apple's basic editing/viewing application for Macs.

It's hard to believe, that long ago, these cars were almost certainly well-loved by their first owners, but fell into abject decay and then ended up in the junkyard. I will let the pics speak for themselves, and won't add an explanation or description.

And now, these cars have a bleak future of decaying further and having many more parts pulled, before they are crushed and sent to Asian and Latin American manufacturing countries as steel and iron in ingot form.

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